woensdag 26 december 2018

new song, good therapy

Dear people,
Today I take it easy, have the flu, but I went for a cup of coffee at Noderstraun on Schiermonnikoog. I do this every morning, I stare at the sea and look at my smartphone for at least an hour.
I am with my daughters at Schiermonnikoog and enjoy the peace. Yesterday, Christmas Day, I was alone because my daughters were with their father and I used the whole day to write my new song. What a delivery. I have a memory of my mother who is ironing and trying to swallow her tears because I came in the room. I was about eight years old. I was very worried about her. She waited for my father all night.
I will never forget that image of my sad mother, I felt so powerless. I stood there and could not do anything.
When I processed this memory in my new song, I could not continue writing. Some experiences seem so meaningless but can have a huge impact on a child. But the song is finished and now I have to practice it and learn it by head. When my daughters came home, they asked me to get some food from the little store nextdoor. I didn't mind going, and after all I got this big surprise from the island of Schiermonnikoog: I suddenly saw a huge orange moon in the dark! It was just for a moment because there were clouds. I felt so happy by this present, I got really excited. I ran home and took some pictures. After this it was a good idea to go to bed and sleep. :)
Friday I travel to Groningen, where I will perform with Mario in the Pub of Klaas. I am really looking forward to it. Saturday we will play in The Irish Pub in Groningen. I wish you all a merry Christmas!