vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Mulligans, Irish Pub Amsterdam

Last night I played at Mulligans, Amsterdam, and I had a really good time with my friends and a nice audience.
When I arrived Barry, the bartender, offered some coffee and after a while we started to get the stage ready for our performance. I was a bit excited because somehow I feel as if I am at home when I am in an Irish pub. Must be because I used to play a lot in the street and in small bars all over Europe where I met lots of Irish people. I never been to Ireland, though, so I really should do this one day.

This night was the first time that  we played all my songs. I got 17 songs of my own and we played 3 Sandy Denny songs. ( The North Star and the Ravens, Who Knows, Black Water Side ).
We did 3 sets and we all felt very happy because there was a very good sound and we played very concentrated and had fun.

I think I should go more often to this pub ( Mulligans ) , almost every Thursday there is live music and there are also so called Backroom Sessions.   Miriam and Barry are both very nice people and I am glad I met them.

Miriam and Barry

As a band we don't have a name, as a singersongwriter I use my own name, so it was very funny how Mulligans called me the Annette Vogel Band.
Especially for this performance I asked JanPaul Grotenhuis to join us with his violin, harmonica and mandoline.


In the audiënce there was a lady from San Fransisco, she told me she worked at Norway and she was on holidays now. She was very enthousiastic and sweet to me, she made some drawnings of us and wanted me to sign it. She promised me to send the drawnings as soon she's back home
And here are some more pictures of people who came over to listen. Thank you all for being there !



maandag 20 mei 2013

What about the Future ...?

I don't know what the future will be, but I have planned some really nice gigs.

I will play at the Irish Pub Mulligans in Amsterdam on May 23 at 8 pm and last Saturday we decided I will play some songs of Sandy Denny ( Fairport Convention). Now it's been a longtime I sang these songs, so I have to try them out, but I love her music so much !

Irish Pub Mulligans Amsterdam

I am very happy that the musicians I play with are supporting me to sing my songs and also sing the folksongs, these songs is where I started, where I came from.

In June I will play at The International Songwriters Festival in The Hague and I am so happy that I will play in an Irish Pub again. It's called O'Casey's and I will play there at 7.30 pm
Earlier that night I will play at Ned Kelly's.
It's gonna be a great festival with many songwriters from all over the world so I hope you will come over and support.