vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Amsterdam Red Light District: Paleis van de Weemoed

FINK en VOGEL vers van de KasPERS
Last night I played with Jannet and Mario in a small, special restaurant: Het Paleis van de Weemoed (Palace of Melancholy) . It’s situated in the historical Old Town of Amsterdam. The 17th century canal district is even on the Unesco World Hertitage List. The restaurant distingeuishes itself by a culinary experience,  complete with Cabaret and Variéte. On Wednesday they have several songwriters. And this all in a special neighborhood of Amsterdam: the red light district.

Other songwriters told me that it is very nice experience to perform at the Paleis ..., well, I have to  agree strongly! We were warmly welcomed by the presenter Bert van Schoonhoven. He showed us the small stage and behind the stage there is a tiny dressing room. Johann Grunwald took care of the sound, he gave us a beautiful sound, I felt very happy with this soundengineer!

Patrycja Monika Jordense-Michalski is the woman who recorded our show and you can watch us and the other songwriters on CULT TV very soon. Unfortunallity I couldn’t meet her husband Evert-Jan Vonk,  he was ill that night. Hope he gets well very soon.

Annette en Johann, the sound-engineer
The audience is very nice, they really listen to  the songwriters, so it's like you're in a small theater. What made it very special for me was how Bert Schoonhoven introduced me to the audience. Every musician he writes a poem and he wrote me a poem that really touched me. Very cute!

Also there was a man who made a drawning of us, Fabrice. It was very nice to meet him.

At each new stage, I'm always a little nervous, but Mario and Jannet were by my side and have guided me very well; we are a good team and are becoming more and more attuned. We plan to make a CD, but we are still looking for a studio actually :)
made by Fabrice

Well, as you can read I am very excited about this place, I can recommend this place to any songwriter. More info you can find it here:  http://www.paleis-van-de-weemoed.nl/en
 With my friends Jannet and Mario I have really fun together, we work hard on the songs and love to play at places like Weemoed, little stages with an intimate character.

The other songwriters played very well, we listened to Peter van Reyen, Marc van de Graaf and Hendrik Wenting. We missed Max Meser, but I am sure he did a good job :)
poem by Bert Schoonhoven

zondag 4 januari 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for all of us!
I think it's gonna be a GOOD year for everyone, i can feel it in my bones :)

Last Friday there was a SWANnight, I organize these nights in the Noorderparkkamer, Amsterdam and I am happy to tell you it was a wonderfull night, lots of musicians, good vibes, candlelight and we all put up a glass of prosecco to wish each one a happy new year. I feel still a little drunk, so excited I was!

Tonight is the night! We do our gig for the first time with the three of us! We played before at the Pekmarkt, but tonight we will play two whole sets! We start with two Sandy Denny songs and then it's all originals. Who are WE ? Jannet Fink, Mario Kaspers, Annette Vogel. WHERE?
Café de Doelen in the centre of Amsterdam! See you tonight!