maandag 18 januari 2016

Café 't Suisje in Amsterdam-Noord

Really. I  had a nice little gig in Café 't Sluisje with some other musicians!
This café is close to my house and yes, it's a nice place! The night was organized by Cindy Peress and she invited me and some other musicians to play there.
I played there before and I wished I could tell Hanie, my neighbour,  about it. Hannie has passed away a few years ago, but he always went to that café (and played there on his accordeon) .
 He promised me that I would play there some day ... ever... So now I did and I played with Mario on the bass.
 I just listened to the recording Mario made and I think we played a good set. The last song was dedicated to Hannie, I think he listened from heaven :)
Hope I can play there again because it's such a nice place. Thanks everyone for being there, thanks Cindy and audience and other musicians, i think i am still drunk ( or again :)) and i just go on with what i am doing: expressing my heart.

zaterdag 9 januari 2016

new blogs and next gig

Hi everybody,

I have been working all week as a teacher and a very busy time will start right now. Lots of important tests will start and all that kind, but still the music is going on. Tomorrow I will sing a Dutch song which I wrote for this Dutch songwriter Jos de Rooij from Amsterdam-Noord. He sang the song on his CD but asked me to sing this sing tomorrow somewhere in Amsterdam-Noord (still have to figure out where exactly).
Next week I will sing at Café Het Sluisje, a very nice café near my house. There will be some other songwriters. We will start at 8.30 pm. I will play with Mario on bass and Auke on vibes.
Look at my site for dates and places:

What I want to tell you is that I started a new blog, some of you already noticed. It's not a blog about music, but a blog about Being Me. I am very interested in the vision / philosophy of the Advaita Vedanta.
Advaita Vedanta is a school of Hindu philosophy and means not- two, it refers to the idea that the true Self is the same as the hightest Reality. To be honest, I don't understand anything of this definition, given by Wikipedia. I just write about my own experiences, like I do in my songs.
Anyway, if you are interested you can read the English version and the Dutch version right here:

Saturday night I will play a little set at Café 't Sluisje (Amsterdam-Noord)  hope to meet you there!

dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi folks,

It's already a few days ago I had a really good time with Mario and my loyal friends and fans!
First we went to Castricum and played there in the house of Frank Boske. We had this little New Years party up there and there were also some other great songwriters. You can go to the site of SWAN for some photo's. (Link below).
Then the next day Mario and I rehearsed very early in the morning, because we had a gig in the night and didn't have much time to rehearse last week. So we rehearsed without coffee! Two hours without a break and then we had some coffee at the tennisgarden nearby. Then I went to my family to have a lunch and then I took my bike to go to the centre of Amsterdam. I played there some of my songs in café The Waterhole; there is an open mic, organized by my friend Dzuana Bakker. She and her husband always give the songwriters a very good sound.

With my best friend Gianni we had some dinner together and then we went together to café De Doelen in the centre of Amsterdam.
I didn't think anybody was there, because on facebook I made an event and there were 18 friends interested but only me was going ... But guess what, it was very busy and my really loyal fans and friends showed up! I was very happy and I think Mario and I played a very good set that night.

I hardly didn't sleep that night because i was still excited and I had to get up early. I had to go to school again, like everybody here in Holland. Is always a little bit difficult to get up early after two weeks holidays....;)
Anyway, right now I am at home spending my time with my family, having a good time together in these dark days, I wish everybody much love and happiness in the New Year and especially those who just lost somebody they loved so much.

Here you can find the link for SWAN @Castricum: