donderdag 20 februari 2014

Het Einde van de Wereld ( The End of the World :) and Groningen

I have played at a very special place, it's called 'Het Einde van de Wereld' , which means 'the end of the world'. It's a boat in the big river of Amsterdam.
All information you can find here: Einde van de Wereld

For this gig I took Frankie with me. First we had some good dinner and some drinks and when the boat was full of people I started to sing two Sandy Denny songs (Fotheringay and North Star).
People were eating and having fun toghether but some people were really listening to the music. After the first set  a young girl came to me and told me she recognized the Synesthetical song (RED) because she is also a synestheet. We have the same colour for Tuesday (yellow).
I was very surprised that two colleagues came over to listen; we all have had a long day at our school and so it was nice to have them here on a Friday-night in a totally other atmosphere.
Els and Marianne
We have played two sets and after the last set we had a good time together with our friends.

On the deck of "Het Einde van de Wereld"
I can't imagine I didn't tell anything about my gig in Groningen last month. Yes, I played in my city and it's been a long time ago I'd been there. I met my friends again and I am so happy that I will be back soon: I am going to play there March 16th in this very nice pub called "Marleen". And the great thing about this is that I will play again with great musicians like Manuel Remerie on guitar, Laura Iwema on violin and Eric Bosma on the bass.
I think this is a great combo. I took my daughter with me that night and When she was watching and listening to the music she told me she had never seen me so happy while I was on the stage.
Well, however, I have been playing with many good musicians, just think of Mick on bass, Dion on drums ( he's back in town right now! ) Francesco and Gareth, Arjen, JanPaul, Florian. I am happy that all these musicians feel what i am trying to say  and i know i always can count on them.
And to play with Frankie is always a pleasure, so I hope to meet you tomorrow at The End of the World....

Francesco and Gareth and me
With Manuel, Laura, Eric in Groningen

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Schizophrenia in The Waterhole Amsterdam

Didn't expect to play there, but I sang Schizophrenia last night. This song is produced by Glenn Hayes.
I met Glenn at a jamsession in Lijn 10 in Amsterdam and we played together my songs. After a week he told me he couldn't get the song out of his mind and he really wanted to produce the song. He did a good job ! Listen to it right here:

If you suffer from Schizophrenia or you know people who suffer from this disease, read the autobiography from Elyn Saks or watch the movie a Beautiful Mind. In The Netherlands you can be member of Open Geest.

Glenn passed away last year, very suddenly, I didn't expect it at all, he died from cancer in a few months. He was a good musician and i would have loved working with him. RIP Glenn Hayes.