donderdag 17 december 2015

Café De Doelen/ Centrum Amsterdam

Hi folks,
Once a year I play in this little café in the centre of Amsterdam. It's called Café De Doelen and you can come there easily by train; from Central Station it's just a 15 minutes walk.
I will play there on Sunday January 3rd, and I will start at 8 pm. and play a set of one hour, especially For You!
It's a nice café with a nice atmosphere; not many people, just enough to have a good time together.
I invite you to drink a beer or red wine with me and have a toast on 2016.
See you there?

Café De Doelen

Kloveniersburgwal 125
Foto: Ron Lindeman +Café op 2 in Almere

zaterdag 12 december 2015

Zaal 100 / Room #100 / Amsterdam LIVE

Hi Folks
Every Friday night you can get some real good food for ONLY 8 euro's in 'Zaal 100' - De Wittenstraat 100/ Amsterdam.
You have to be there at 6 pm and usually there's also some live music.
 I was asked to play there yesterday-night and had a really good time with some friends and audience. After dinner there was first a nice songwriter called Zasja and I started round 8.30 pm.
Mario played with me and we played for almost an hour. I introduced two new songs!
 I am always very excited about singing new songs and a good friend of mine made a recording of this performance. The new songs start at 3 :20, and they are called "Those Words" and "Beggars".
The first song is a love song, my really first one :) and the second song is about a beggar in Portugal who gave me money when I was singing in the streets, this was a weird experience, but I loved it! 

Thanks to Eduart, the programmeur of this night.
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Etienne, a musician who's always giving good feed-back on my shows, he is like a teacher ;) 

My  friends Frits and Mario

My  friends Ria and Frankie

dinsdag 8 december 2015

Vrijdag 11 december @Zaal 100

Don't have any plans? Come and visit this very little restaurant Zaal 100 in Amsterdam. You can get some Indonesian food at 6 pm, but you can also come a little later and just have coffee or other dranks.I will give a one hour concert and I will start at 7.15 pm. Mario will play the bass guitar and I promise a nice evening with nice songs and a nice atmosphere.
The entree is for free.
Zaal 100 / De Wittenstraat 100 / Amsterdam
Aanvang: 19.15 ( restaurant open at 18.00 uur) 

dinsdag 24 november 2015

Theatercafé Leiden

I had a really nice gig in Scheltema Café, Theater Leiden. I played together with Jannet Fink on violin, Auke de Haan (cajon, vibes) and Mario Kaspers (bass). The audience was very nice and listened quietly to our set. 
The place is an old factory and has a very good acoustic. We played with just two d.i's and one monitor, but the sound was great! Theater Leiden
We'll be back at Tuesday, December 1st @Science Café Leiden (same building). 

Nice barkeepers at Scheltema

Everybody has left the building, except ...

zaterdag 14 november 2015

Radio 9 Zaanstad ...

Een supergezellige avond in Zaanstad ... bij radio 9 met Jaap Wakker,
een aanrader voor songwriters! Hoe zal het interview verlopen...? Luister en huiver aanstaande dinsdagavond 20 uur op Radio 9

zondag 25 oktober 2015

Maloe Melo, Waterhole Amsterdam and other fine locations to play

Hi there!
It's early in the morning because the clock has turned one hour back, we go back to wintertime again!
Last week I was free from work as a teacher, so I had some extra gigs and had much fun with my bassplayer and soulmate Mario. We played a full sett at Maloe Melo, and there is a nice clip on facebook, a nice guy called Rory filmed us, you can watch it here: Maloe Melo 

Maloe Melo is an old rock temple, when I was still living in Groningen I already had heard of this place and it is so great to play there your music because lots of famous musicians played there. Still, there are always musicians at this place, it's really worth it to come over right here.

I also played in café The Waterhole, a famous music cafe in Amsterdam, everynight live music, lots of good jams up there! And for singersongwriters the possibility to play there once a month. (songwritercircle Amsterdam).
The Waterhole
Last night I played in this little town close to Amsterdam: Uitgeest. The place is called Dorpshuis De Zwaan.  We got there by train early at night, had some crackers, chocolate and red wine as dinner in the street just in front of the cafe and when we came in we were nicely welcomed by the people who work there. We played for about 80 people and the audience was attentively respectful and so quiet that i almost started to whisper ;)  This centre has a very good sound-engineer, the sound was so great! Another songwriter sent me this morning a vid he made, you can watch the vid here: De Zwaan / On a Raft at High Tide
I recommend this place especcially for comedians and songwriters!  

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Dorpshuis De Zwaan in Uitgeest

donderdag 15 oktober 2015

OBA Live radio 6 IKON

O yeah! This was a really nice night. After my schoolwork I went to the library and i was hungry and thirsty so I ate some cracks at the library and Mario brought some wine ...
The nice sound-engineer arrived around 6.30 pm and was NOT stressed at all when the bass didn't have any sound, just 5 minutes before broadcasting ( we were neither :) .
I was very very happy some friends showed up to enjoy us ( Hans, Gerrit, Auke, Flora),There was this interview with an actor and we had to play two songs. I must admit, we could do better, we missed Jannet, our violin player, but we did our best to play the songs Formless Creature and On the Corner, with just the two of us. Still, I think we did a good job, I didn't have monitor during the second song, so I had to sing a little bit louder, but I did not really care, the audience was nice and the people who work for this radio-station were very positive about our performance :)
After de gig we were invited to drink at the café just around the corner and so this was again a very nice experience !

maandag 5 oktober 2015

Still drunk ...

I didn't drink that much, though.... I had to work today, so I couldn't affort going crazy ... but still, it was a crazy Sunday!
We started in rock café The Waterhole, in the centre of Amsterdam and then we went to café Langereis where we were happily surprised that  some of our music friends came along! So we were chilling, playing and having a good time together!
Cafe Langereis

Cafe The Waterhole 

Blues Babe BEX ! 

woensdag 23 september 2015

Radio 5 IKON/ OBA Live / 8 oktober

I am invited by this really nice show called OBA Live. It's a live radioshow in Amsterdam where interesting  people are interviewed and in between there is some music. On October 8th I will play there and you can watch the show that night! It will be the third time that I will play there and it's always a little party. Such nice people, very relaxing althouth it's a live-show. I don't know yet which songs I will play, but Mario on the bass and Jannet (violin) will play with me this time. There is a live stream on internet, all information you can find on the link below.
I am really looking forward to!

Donderdag 8 oktober van 19.00 - 20.00 uur. Music: around 19.20 uur and second song a bit later.

OBA Live

OBA Live: over cultuur, politiek, moraal en wetenschap van 19.00-20.00 met gasten en publiek rechtstreeks vanuit de Openbare Bibliotheek (OBA) in Amsterdam.

maandag 21 september 2015

vrijdag 18 september 2015

Westergasterras Amsterdam

Afgelopen week hadden we een leuke gig op het Westergasterras in Amsterdam. We waren vooral gecharmeerd door de geluidsman.  Top geluid ! Voor songwriters is het een leuke plek om te spelen!

Last week we had a nice gig at Westergasterras in Amsterdam. We were very content about the engineer, he did a good job! Westergasterras is a nice place to play for songwriters. You play and people are eating, chilling and listening.
Soundchecking +Westergasterras Restaurant/cafe/terras 

Ja en wanneer komt nou die fles rooie? 

dinsdag 8 september 2015

Woensdag 16 september vanaf 20 uur Westergasterras

Dat wordt een fijn optreden in de vroege avond met Mario Kaspers op bas en Jannet Fink op viool! Twee volle sets met eigen songs! Kom gezellig langs!  

dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Great Summertime and gigs

Been everywhere and anywhere...
Most of gigs I played with Mario Kaspers on bass guitar.. but guess what.. Today I rehearsed with Jannet and we are really looking forward to our gigs in September! Please come over and join us
at Sept. 4 in the Noorderparkkamer in Amsterdam Noord, 
Sept. 7 in Zaal 100, 
Sept 16 at Westergasterras, 
Sept 19 at Zomaarfestival and 
Sept 20 at Hortus Botanicus , 
all events in our most beautiful city Amsterdam in The Netherlands!

By the way.... I was busking again in Amsterdam and Utrecht, I will write about these gigs later...

zondag 19 juli 2015

SchierSong Festival 2015

Yes we did it! I organized a very little festival on a very small island. SchierSong Fest on Schiermonnikoog. I am in love with this island, this is because it's the most beautiful island on the world, but also my mother was born and grown up there, so i visit the island from when i was born.
Anyway, the second edition of SchierSong fest was very succesfully, in the first place for the musicians who had a great time together. We had many positive reaction, but ofcourse also some negative. I will think about it a lot and I am pretty sure there will be a third edition, but with some changes in it. But this edition was really really nice! Thank you people who appreciated the initiative and thank you people from the island who helped me with their good-will and positive support!
If you liked the festival, please like the fb SchierSong on Facebook page and if you like what i am doing you can also like me :) Annette on Facebook for supporting me, thanks!

maandag 29 juni 2015

CD release Fink & Vogel

Last weekend we had our CD release and we presented it in café De Tregter in Leiden!