donderdag 17 december 2015

Café De Doelen/ Centrum Amsterdam

Hi folks,
Once a year I play in this little café in the centre of Amsterdam. It's called Café De Doelen and you can come there easily by train; from Central Station it's just a 15 minutes walk.
I will play there on Sunday January 3rd, and I will start at 8 pm. and play a set of one hour, especially For You!
It's a nice café with a nice atmosphere; not many people, just enough to have a good time together.
I invite you to drink a beer or red wine with me and have a toast on 2016.
See you there?

Café De Doelen

Kloveniersburgwal 125
Foto: Ron Lindeman +Café op 2 in Almere

zaterdag 12 december 2015

Zaal 100 / Room #100 / Amsterdam LIVE

Hi Folks
Every Friday night you can get some real good food for ONLY 8 euro's in 'Zaal 100' - De Wittenstraat 100/ Amsterdam.
You have to be there at 6 pm and usually there's also some live music.
 I was asked to play there yesterday-night and had a really good time with some friends and audience. After dinner there was first a nice songwriter called Zasja and I started round 8.30 pm.
Mario played with me and we played for almost an hour. I introduced two new songs!
 I am always very excited about singing new songs and a good friend of mine made a recording of this performance. The new songs start at 3 :20, and they are called "Those Words" and "Beggars".
The first song is a love song, my really first one :) and the second song is about a beggar in Portugal who gave me money when I was singing in the streets, this was a weird experience, but I loved it! 

Thanks to Eduart, the programmeur of this night.
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Etienne, a musician who's always giving good feed-back on my shows, he is like a teacher ;) 

My  friends Frits and Mario

My  friends Ria and Frankie

dinsdag 8 december 2015

Vrijdag 11 december @Zaal 100

Don't have any plans? Come and visit this very little restaurant Zaal 100 in Amsterdam. You can get some Indonesian food at 6 pm, but you can also come a little later and just have coffee or other dranks.I will give a one hour concert and I will start at 7.15 pm. Mario will play the bass guitar and I promise a nice evening with nice songs and a nice atmosphere.
The entree is for free.
Zaal 100 / De Wittenstraat 100 / Amsterdam
Aanvang: 19.15 ( restaurant open at 18.00 uur)