vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Show'n Tell

Craig Latta, a guy from San Fransisco invites monthly people to play in his livingroom in Amsterdam. I went there with Frank and we played some songs together with Craig. Then we started to play By my Side and the rest of the evening  we repeated this song because we really like to join the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild Collab Challenge Month ( https://www.facebook.com/events/221141957992730/ ) I had asked Daniëlle to join me with this challenge, I think she has a great voice which really fits into this song.
We had a great night together and also listened to this Russian lady called Anna who sang a beautiful song for us. 


Last week I had a nice gig at Ruigoord. This is a special place near Amsterdam where a lot artists work in their studio's. It used to be a village and now they use it for a lot of activities. So we played in the church which was quit special because of the great acoustics. It was a nice gig although I had this terrible headache because I wasn't feeling well all day. So I went home early, but Frank stayed all night and he had a great time by watching other musicians, eating and drinking and talking to a lot of nice people.

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Noorderparkkamer Amsterdam-Noord

Last night it was a very special night in the Noorderparkkamer in Amsterdam-Noord. Several mucisians were playing and everybody was really listening. Now this is an unique location to play, you know, birds are whistling in the park , the wind is blowing and the smell of spring is all around. You can see photo's of this night at facebook, just ask to join SWAN (SingersongWriterAmsterdamNoord) on facebook.

ASG -Jet Lounge/ open mic Amsterdam

Last Tuesday I went to Jet Lounge and played there some of my songs with Mick. It was a great night, there were many musicians and I met some of them, like Steve Winch from England and Marian from Canada.

Foto is taken by Max van Remmerden and you can see a lot of pictures of other musicians on facebook where you can join the Amsterdam Songwriter Guild group.
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