zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Performance Tricky Theater

We played some of our songs in the Tricky Theater. My daughter took this photo while she also was making a video.
We will play 3th of November, but I have got a sore throat... I really hope I won't loose my voice this week 'cause I really look forward to it. We will play with a drummer for the first time...
We played Go Now and unfortunally I really sing out of tune, ever on the same place: the last note of the song...

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Tricky Theater en Jet Lounge

These are the places where I've been playing some songs. I'm very nervous though, and I have to drink two glasses of wine to get over it. When I play I feel very happy, so I will try to get some gigs anywhere.
I had a throatinfection and couldn't sing ( and talk) for a while. Hopefully I'm totally recovered right now.
Next Saturday we will play with a drummer in Amsterdam-Noord.

On Thursday 3 November we will play a complete set at Tricky Theater in Amsterdam.