zondag 23 juni 2013

Radio RTV Noord-Holland

 Yesterday I played my song What I really Am live on the radio RTV. I was pretty nervous so I needed the lyrics with me, couldn't read them though 'cause I didn't wear my glasses. I took my daughters with me and Auke, my friend and father of our daughters en the kids were very excited and they took all pictures.

Leo Driessen


YEAH ! As you can see this was a very nice gig !

woensdag 19 juni 2013

Een zomerse avond in de NoorderparkBAR

I just came back from a very nice performance at the Noorderpark in Amsterdam-Noord. This time I didn't play in the Noorderparkkamer, but I played just next to it: The NoorderparBAR.
It is a very small bar where you can order your drinks and sit outside in the parc. Two nice girls are working at this bar and they asked me if I could ask SWANsongwriters to play there. So I tried out how it feels to play there and I must say: it is GREAT!
We played outside and used the mics  of the Noorderparkkamer, which is always a good sound. The girls will set it up for you, but you have to do your own soundcheck and things.
To play in the middle of a parc is  a very nice experience.  The Noorderpark is much nicer than the Vondelpark which is overcrowded nowadays. The Noorderpark is not discovered yet and so it is a real beautiful parc ! We started at 5 pm and we saw many joggers and people who walked with their dogs and children.They smiled or waved at us and they gave us  good feelings.  The  people who passed by to have a cup of coffee, beer,  or  soup with bread and olives, were very nice to us, they listened and told us afterwards they liked our music.

I played together with Mick and Arjen;  we didn't rehearse for a while but we had fun and did a good job. I recommand all songwriters to contact these girls of the Noorderparkbar to play there, they are looking for songwriters. When it's a bit cold they will make a fire. You can play there for free drinks and soup and bread.

I will be back there soon, because we really liked to play there. But  I will be back there anyway at the next  SWANnight ( 3rd of July) and when it's good weather we and all other songwriters will play outside and the NoorderparkBAR will be open also.

Next gig for me is  Saturday;  I will play live on  radio NH !   And the week after  ( June 29th) I will go to The Hague to play at the International Songwriters Festival.

As I said, there was a very nice audience this afternoon at the Noorderparkbar. This girl and her friend passed by occidentality ( mn computer is te fucking langzaam dus ik kan ff niet google translate opstarten voor juiste spelling en dergelijke sorry) and some other people who stayed to listen to our two sets were very enthousiastic about our music. The girl made the pictures, and you know, it's always so nice to play for some people who are really listening and enjoying our music, so we had good feelings about this gig and actually we would have liked to play much longer but we thought it was going to rain ,so we quit, but we stayed out there to talk and have a good time together.
We really like to come back to play here again. So just let me know if you want to play there too, because there are possibilitys for all kind of musicians. Send your mail to vogelannette@yahoo.com
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Nice audience