dinsdag 30 april 2019

Musiciens du métro Paris

Hello guys,
You can watch a little vid right here:
It's been a while that I booked a trip to Paris. Me and Mario wanted to play in the streets but then I discovered this was forbidden! Really, I used to play there many times, even in the metro!
Now it's forbidden and I don't want to take the risk the police will take our instruments, so we won't play in the street. But then I heard that there is  a possibility to play in the metro of Paris. But you must do an audition for it. So I send an email, not expecting an answer. After two months I got this letter with an invitation for an audition. So Mario and I decided to go.
We took a train at night and first we went to the Highlander to play at an open mic. But we were way too late, the list was full untill almost 4 AM next day!!  We had some drinks and went to the hotel.

Next day we got up early and walked a long way with our guitars and suitcases, looking for the office of the RATP. (French metro). When we found it, we were way too early.
We were there already at 1 PM. Our turn was at 4.00 PM. We hang out a bit, but got tired and nervous while waiting in a small room with other musicians.We could listen to the other auditions which were downstairs.  The level was quite high that afternoon. I got this headache when it was finally our turn. I speak French just a little bit, so I had a hard time :) to answer their questions. I was prepared to tell why I would like to play in the metro, a good friend translated my motivation from Dutch into French, so I just read my story to the jury. We had to play in a real small room for at least 15 people.

We wanted to play two of our own songs, but after the first song they asked us to play a cover.
We played Suzanne (Leonard Cohen), because I always play this song when I am busking in France, so we could do that one.
When we were finished they said'Mercy'  and told us that they will send a message in ten days to let us know if we got this badge.
When we left we felt really depressed, we didn't think we did a good audition because we were too stressed and tired that day. Still, we were glad we did it, because we both felt we had to do this. It felt somehow important to both of us.

After 10 days I got this letter that we could get our badges and I was really, really happy!
So we got to Paris again and after we got our badges we played in the metro (Nation).
It was exactly what I expected, so it was okay for me.
Playing in the metro is not easy, I remember this from my travels. People come and go and are mostly in a hurry or thinking about their business, their jobs, travelling from one to another place. But there are also people who like what you are doing and they smile or give some money or give thumb ups. It's important to find a good spot to play, it must be a spot where I feel comfortable.
When we got home that day, we were excited, drunk, tired and happy.
Now we are members of the association 'musiciens du metro'.

Wednesday May 1st we will go back to Paris. We will play in the metro and hang around. Hope to meet you there! I will let you know as soon as possible where you can find us!
I made a special page about this subject in French. Click here:Musiciens du Mëtro EN FRANCAIS

Mario and I will play our own songs but in the last weekend of May I will be back and play Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen and Sandy Denny covers. And ofcourse my own songs :)
I made a setlist on youtube, you can watch it here: Annette on Youtube -

zondag 10 maart 2019


Hello Groningen!
I have been living in this cute town called Groningen for almost twenty years!
I grew up there and I founded this band called Scarlett. I played my own songs and had a great time. But then...  I had to move to Amsterdam because I could not finish my education at the Conservatory, I really needed a job, so I took this job as a teacher at a primaryschool in Amsterdam. I moved and became mother of two beautiful daughters who became great musicians.

But still, I like to come back to Groningen and meet old and new friends!
Mario and I played at a very little village, just in the north of Groningen, called Den Andel. The venue is called Andledon and run by very nice people who are very involved by culture.

Unfortunallity, when I got off the bus,  I got this message that a beautiful child just ad died, and so it became really hard to play well on that stage in Andledon. But I did it, and after the soundcheck I played a song for the child who had died and her little sister who is a pupil of mine. I was very in shock (actually I still am), and I needed to sing a song especially for them. Later on we played for the audience but afterwards, some people came to me and said to me that they felt that something strange was going on while I was performing. They were right, I was very chaotic and sad and needed all of my concentration to do this gig. But the host was so gentil and nice and after all we had a great time. Thanks to Andledon and its owners Erik and Johanna.
I made a little vid of this event, you can watch it here:

Last Friday we went to Groningen again. This was because we had this gig at café Singelier, a nice little café just outside of the centre of Groningen. It was crowded and noisy but still, we had fun because some real good friends came to listen and although people were talking loudly, they came to tell me that they really liked our music. So it was okay and we left the pub with good feelings. Thanks to Cafe Singelier and its owner Felix!

woensdag 20 februari 2019

Touring in Prague

It s been 20 years that i was busking in Prague. I was young and I didn't want to stop playing music when the police told me do. I never understand why in some cities ( including Amsterdam!) is forbidden to sing songs in the streets, so i was angry and when i had to identify myself, i didn't have my passport with me, so the police took me in their car to the police station where they took all my money. For that reason i didn't stay long in Prague and did not really want to go back when my daughter asked me to take her there this days.
But she got me there and I did not regret!! What a beautiful and lively city! So different from then!
Hardly no buskers though, but some good open mics and stages. I met some really Nice people and my daughter felt do happy in this city! Many things to discover so i recommend this city:)

woensdag 26 december 2018

new song, good therapy

Dear people,
Today I take it easy, have the flu, but I went for a cup of coffee at Noderstraun on Schiermonnikoog. I do this every morning, I stare at the sea and look at my smartphone for at least an hour.
I am with my daughters at Schiermonnikoog and enjoy the peace. Yesterday, Christmas Day, I was alone because my daughters were with their father and I used the whole day to write my new song. What a delivery. I have a memory of my mother who is ironing and trying to swallow her tears because I came in the room. I was about eight years old. I was very worried about her. She waited for my father all night.
I will never forget that image of my sad mother, I felt so powerless. I stood there and could not do anything.
When I processed this memory in my new song, I could not continue writing. Some experiences seem so meaningless but can have a huge impact on a child. But the song is finished and now I have to practice it and learn it by head. When my daughters came home, they asked me to get some food from the little store nextdoor. I didn't mind going, and after all I got this big surprise from the island of Schiermonnikoog: I suddenly saw a huge orange moon in the dark! It was just for a moment because there were clouds. I felt so happy by this present, I got really excited. I ran home and took some pictures. After this it was a good idea to go to bed and sleep. :)
Friday I travel to Groningen, where I will perform with Mario in the Pub of Klaas. I am really looking forward to it. Saturday we will play in The Irish Pub in Groningen. I wish you all a merry Christmas!

woensdag 26 september 2018

playing old covers

After many years I just flew into playing some old covers. I just play it very simple and I really enjoy it! Hope you like my coverlist, too.
I will sing this songs in the street... somewhere in Europe.... but you can also book me, just send an email to vogelannette@yahoo.com

I just uploaded this one, one of the first songs I sang with a bassplayer who asked me to.

vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

USA roadtrip!

(Dutch translation below)
In August I traveled to the USA with my two daughters and Mario. My Americain friend Jo lives there and she asked me to come over. First I did not feel like it. I am very afraid to fly. But I felt that it was important to go there and meet my friend again after so many years. I met Jo  when I was 18 years old and at that time I traveled in Europe with my backpack and guitar. I made enough money by busking.  I met her in Venice. We have traveled together for a year and had a lot of adventures. I didn't see her for 18 years and so it was really time to visit her! We prepared our trip very well; Jo bought us the bass and guitar and the amps and picked us up at the airport in New York. With te five of us we 've been traveling for three weeks!
I am so glad that I made this trip! It was a beautiful and musical road trip.
We have traveled from New York via Baltimore, Smokey Mountains, Nashville, and Memphis to Fayetteville (Arkansas). And I want to thank all those people who had us and listened to our music. Especcially the homeless man who gave us a little ticket for a free laundry after he listened to our music for a while. We had gigs at several bars and we played in the streets. It was great!
Below is a link from a video that was made in BlueBird Café Nashville.I hope you enjoy the vid!
The other vid shows our roadmovie in 13 minutes.

In augustus vertrok ik naar de USA met mijn twee dochters en Mario. Mijn vriendin Jo woont daar en zij vroeg mij al jaren te komen. Ik had er niet zoveel zin in, de USA is een land wat mij niet aantrok. Maar ik voelde dat het belangrijk werd om daar toch naar toe te gaan. Mijn vriendin Jo ontmoette ik toen ik 18 jaar was en door Europa reisde met mijn rugzak en gitaar. Ik kwam haar tegen in Venetie. We hebben een jaar samen gereisd en het was 18 jaar geleden dat ik haar voor het laatst gezien had.
Ik ben zo blij dat ik deze reis gemaakt heb! Het werd een mooie en muzikale roadtrip.
we hebben gereisd van New York via Baltimore, Smokey Mountains, Nashville, en Memphis naar Fayetteville (Arkansas).
Hierboven een link van een video die ik gemaakt heb.