zondag 19 juli 2015

SchierSong Festival 2015

Yes we did it! I organized a very little festival on a very small island. SchierSong Fest on Schiermonnikoog. I am in love with this island, this is because it's the most beautiful island on the world, but also my mother was born and grown up there, so i visit the island from when i was born.
Anyway, the second edition of SchierSong fest was very succesfully, in the first place for the musicians who had a great time together. We had many positive reaction, but ofcourse also some negative. I will think about it a lot and I am pretty sure there will be a third edition, but with some changes in it. But this edition was really really nice! Thank you people who appreciated the initiative and thank you people from the island who helped me with their good-will and positive support!
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