zaterdag 7 april 2018

Early Bird Rehearsels on Saturday morning

When I met Marianne, the owner of café Zamen , I suddenly was stung by a wasp on my throat. That was quite painful but she did not hesitate  and tried to suck the sting out. That was quit weird, but afterwards we both had to laugh about it. Every week Mario and I visited café Zamen to drink coffee latte and one day she asked if we wanted to rehearse our music at her place. She had heard our music and she said she liked to listen while she was cleaning up the place, early in the morning.
We think so too! And so it happened.

Every Saturday from 10 am we try out our songs, and we meet  people who come over to have breakfast, early lunch or drink tea or coffee. So you, early bird, you are very welcome!
Expocafé Zamen click here: EXPO CAFE ZAMEN