maandag 24 november 2014

IKON radio Live bij OBA

Two weeks ago I was on Dutch radio IKON live at the library of Amsterdam. I was there earlier this year and was happy I was invited again to play in the live broadcast. We played twice, there was an interview with  Andrea Maier, an internist gerontologist, a specialist in old age. She says: "Aging is not inevitable." And: "We will develop a drug to slow or stop the mechanism of getting older. " So I chose two songs about saying goodbye, and later on she came to me and I know she really listened to the songs because she told me she thought the songs we played  were consistent with the interview :)

Jannet Fink on violin, Florean Kruyswijk-Jansen on bass and Auke de Haan on vibes, you can listen to By My Side right here

zaterdag 1 november 2014

Busking in Amsterdam-Noord

As you can read in this blog I started my musical career by busking in the streets of Europe.
It's been a long time I played in the street and lately I decided to play in the street again. I need to buy some good stuff for this, because playing acoustic is too hard for me, I don't have a strong voice. I used to play in tunnels or really small streets with a good acoustic sound. Soon I will try Utrecht again, but I need to get a license first. In Utrecht this license is for free, they told me. I am not sure about Amsterdam, have to figure out this.
But today I  fortunately played on a market!
At a market in Amsterdam-Noord(Pekmarkt)  there is a free spot for musicians to play,it is not very well known yet. The atmosphere is really great up there. Mario, a very nice bassplayer, played with me this time. I felt very comfortable, it's a way of living and somehow a good way to be among the people. The contrasts are large, so many different people and so many different comments ...
 I really need to go busking again, I love the people in the street, I feel at home.
I think that I feel comfortable  because I started my musical life in the streets, so actually here are my roots. It's where I started and it is where I will problably end ...