zaterdag 31 maart 2012


I really have fun to listen to the tracks we made. This are Mick and Frank...

vrijdag 30 maart 2012

weird songs and too much talking Singersongwriter Annette Vogel

opnames maken / take tracks

I went to Frank S. to take some tracks. It was a nice experience but it made me really depressed when I heard what I did....I always sing together with my guitar, but now I had to play the guitar first and after that I had to sing. I really did not like my own music so first I decided to quit all my musical adventures for ever. But then I received this huge nice email from Frank and also he sent me a hardrock track of my song "Why does it take so long". I thought this was so freaking funny, I mean, I always liked to sing in a hardrock band, but I just can't with that very restricted folkvoice of mine. But here's the solution... just let Mick play the bass and Frank the guitars. I'm gonna try to put this track on my blog so you can listen and have fun.

donderdag 22 maart 2012

SWAN SingersongWriterAmsterdamNoord

A month ago I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about my gigs. Now we have here in Amsterdam the ASG ( Amsterdam Songwriter Guild ) and they organize everyweek in café Jet Lounge special singersongwriter evenings. This is a really nice organization, but café Jet Lounge is pretty far to bike.  I There are also some other places where you can play as a singersongwriter, but  I always go there by bike and sometimes I have to bike almost an hour to get somewhere. When I get home in the middle of the night I don't really feel that safe as a woman. So I thought it was a good idea to create a stage in the north of Amsterdam, the part where I live. I made a group on facebook: SWAN (SingersongWriterAmsterdamNoord) and I see that as a 'daughter' of ASG. On facebook I found Bruno, he's an singersongwriter/entertainer, and he liked to help me to find a place. Then Marjolijn wrote me a message that we could play in the Noorderparkkamer. This was a really nice offer, because this place is very special in Amsterdam-Noord.
Last night we had our try-out and it was a great night ! We had some great musicians and I still feel drunk and excited about it ! I put photos on facebook, I hope you can find them, you're always welcome to join SWAN on facebook!/groups/317746511601426/photos/!/groups/317746511601426/!/groups/317746511601426/

woensdag 14 maart 2012

ASG - Jet Lounge

this link I just found on facebook, it's taken bij ASG  (Amsterdam Singersongwriter Guild ) in café Jet Lounge.

zondag 4 maart 2012

Café De Prael

Today I had a nice gig in café De Prael, just a few streets from the Red Light District. They make their own beer and a real good thing about it is that they give psychiatric patiënts the chance to work there. We played for some drinks and a plate and I think we're gonna play there again one day because there's a really good acoustic and the people were very nice.

donderdag 1 maart 2012

De Tanker - Amsterdam- Noord

Song : Why does it take so long

De Tanker - Amsterdam Noord

I went to a session in De Tanker, Amsterdam Noord, but I was pretty tired and a little nervous. I brought my daughter and she pushed me to go up because she really was excited about the camera.
I never played with these musicians, but two weeks ago I just met the pianist and the drummer.
I will find out their names for sure. The bassist 's name I remember from my time living in Groningen, he used to play in a band where a friend of mine played violin.
Drummers name: Michael Vatcher, bass player: Marco Bonarius