zondag 31 mei 2015

Places to play in June and our new CD

CD Fink & Vogel 

June is the busiest month of the year. Every week I sing somewhere and I am excited!
Here is an overview of the places I will play:
June 5 - SWAN Noorderparkkamer Amsterdam North 20:00
June 11 - Acoustic Cafe - Heemskerk - 20:00
June 13 - stage RPL 107.1 FM Woerden 14. 00
June 14 - Anno - Grote Markt 121 - Almere 14 hours
June 20 - Pekmarkt Amsterdam North 13:00

And then my first CD presentation, YES!

June 28 - CD presentation café deTregter – Herenstraat 1 in Leiden – 16 uur

I will play as the famous Fink & Vogel TRIO
Jannet Fink - violin
Annette Vogel - songwriter
Mario Kaspers - bassist 
Hope to meet you all! 

zondag 10 mei 2015

Dodenherdenking 2015 and short trip to Berlin

In the Netherlands, on May 4 there is a national commemoration of the victims of World War II. For this commemoration I translated the song Donna Donna into Dutch and sang it on the  memorial.This was a special experience. Four students from St. Lidwina School sang along with me, and Eline Schrama played on violin.
At May 5 in Holland we celebrate the liberation of the German, but this year I went that day to Berlin. The last time I visited Berlin was thirty years ago, and at that time the wall was still there. When I was there I felt very depressed, but this year Berlin seemed to be a great and interesting city.
 I was looking for the wall and found some of it, and i was so happy this time, Berlin became a great city! 

So a few days ago I listened to some musicians and one of them talked to the audience about the Holocaust. I also listened to an old Jewish woman who sang a great song.

Unfortunality I didn't record her, jus 10 seconds you can see this jewish woman