maandag 31 oktober 2016

I will survive the blue rain

Dear people,
As most of you know the best art is written by people who have hard times...
I am a pretty happy woman, this is just because I know there is nothing but emptiness and freedom behind the personality which I believe in. Still, I don't really believe in the person, nor everything around her. I think it's all a dream, inclusive birth and death. However, this makes no sense when you think you're into trouble.  We just live our life as it appears to us.
So I think most people know i just finished a real long relationship. We both wanted to change our relationship in the way it was. We changed our way to get along with each other. This is sometimes real hard, but however, we believe we will survive although this is not always easy. It's an emotional thing and I have to go through it right away.
 I have written two songs last month.  To write and make music is a really good way to feel strong. It is a good way to process a separation. Making music is one of the arts to handle yourself.
I wrote Blue Rain and I wrote Friends with the Rain. And so it is.
I will play both songs in all performances in November and December and hope you will recognize the feelings because they are human and extraordinary. The song you can listen to right now is called Blue Rain and I sang it at the island Schiermonnikoog. I felt very lonesome that day, but I came out much stronger. I am home and I will survive, just as you will do, under every circumstance!