zondag 6 januari 2013

Muziekcafé CC session and birthday

Last Thursday I went to café CC again, because a friend of mine told me there was a jamsession. I thought it was a great night with great musicians. I took some pictures but I don't know the names. When I left I said goodbye to the owner of the café and then he asked me to come back and play at his café birthday party. He runs the café for two years now so he wanted to give a big party. So yesterdaynight I played at CC again, and yes, it was a big party. I will upload some more pictures of this party.
But here are some more pictures of the jamsession last Thursday

the owner of the CC café is called René Barens and he's also a musician. Sometimes he got on the stage to sing a song so everybody had to wait to order their drinks which was not a problem at all ofcourse.
René, the barkeeper
playing the triangel ! 

So last night I went to this birthdayparty of café CC. It was a big party with great artists. Me, Arjen and Mick opened the party 'round 9.30pm and we played 45 minutes. --- now I got problems by uploading pictures, so I will try again later.
Marcus Hayes (Shady Greys)

Catherine Coutoux


I missed some of the performances, but there was also playing a ladies band called "Ladiesjam' and also Ingmar Glerum Band played there. I think this party was great, and I wish René a good musical new year.
Yes, and here is Fritz again, it was so kind of him that he came this early just to listen to our music ! Proost !
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