maandag 14 januari 2013

Great ASG party at Roger Hammond's house

Last Saturday I was really f*d up by some stupid ego-problems and so I needed to go out somewhere in the city. Okke, my friend and father of my lovely daughters pushed me to go out and drink, just to forget me, myself and my ego. Actually I already had drunk some red wine when I called Danielle, she's a very active singersongwriter in Amsterdam, and I asked her to come over to get anywhere what was possible that night.
Then she told me about this Amsterdam Songwriter Guild Party at Roger's house and that I was very welcome to enjoy this party. She called Luke Nyman so that I could get a ride to some place called Vijfhuizen ( never heard of it before ) and so I took my  bike to cycle as soon as possible to Luke's place ( I did this in 30 minutes and at the time I arrived I was completely sober again). He and Dirk-Jan (and girlfriend) were waiting for me (they are both singersongwriters ) and then we took this hired car. So we drove to Vijfhuizen and Roger Hammond and his wife welcomed us. There was a fire and food and dranks and I was so happy to be there, because it was nice, cosey and the singersongwriters who played that night were awesome.
Me, I played some songs too, and I was glad Craig also was at the party so that we could play together again ( We had a gig together at Barco's a few months ago), and also Danielle sang some songs with me.
Roger Hammond  playing his songs on the couch
The singersongwriters who played that night were: Danalyze ( Daniëlle), De Hoek ( only Mizza ), Roger Hammond, Dirk-Jan, Max Vanremmerden, Kathy Ziegler, Luke Nyman.
Dirk-Jan playing is songs
Annette Vogel & Craig Latta (photo: M. Vanremmerden)
Max Vanremmerden on piano

Roger Hammond
Danalyze and Roger Hammond playing together
These black/white pictures are taken by Max Vanremmerden:

 Dirk-Jan Smit ( calls himself Dear John)
Kathy Ziegler
Danielle Cornelissen (Danalyze)

Luke Nyman

Mizza Hendrix

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  1. So, how is it with you being "really fucked up by some stupid ego-problems"? All gone? :)

  2. They will never be gone 'cause that is what I really am.
    Ahh, let's do this discussion again on Facebook...JIPPIE !