maandag 10 februari 2020

Sandy Denny, best singer of the world

Yesterday I decided to record some songs of Sandy Denny. So I need to rehearse the songs. 
When I was singing Who Knows I was thinking about this singer called Sandy Denny, she sang with Fariport Convention and died young. I always thought she fell downstairs. I am a member of the Sandy Denny fan club on Facebook and someone suggested me reading "I've Always Kept A Unicorn "by Mick Houghton. Some other people send me some interesting links which I already read, but I will give them to you (scroll down). This is the message I wrote on Facebook, and I put the video with it, me singing Who Knows at the attic. 

This might be a little weird story, when i was 20 i listened for the first time to Sandy Denny and I fell in love with her voice and when i discovered she already died many years ago, (she felt down the stairs and did not survive) i felt sad for her and always kept wondering how this could happen. And this is really true, many times when i descended the attic i thought about her. Now i fell downstairs myself and only broke my foot, so i have to work partime these days, i have more time to spend some time to myself, listening to her music again, and surfing on the internet to get more information about her life. I cover some songs of her when i busk in France, and my favorite song is Who Knows. I just made this vid to share, and hope you google on Sandy Denny to find out yourself

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